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Every snowflake is unique, every fingerprint is unique, and without sounding too corny, every junk pick up is unique. No two people are likely to have the same amount, or kind of junk. So here is a glimpse of our pricing structure. This will give you a fairly good idea of what it will cost you to dispose of your unwanted items.

OUR MINIMUM FEE IS $75.00   and applies to a single item such as a single bed box spring, or a few small items. Call for a firm price. Location also is a determining factor for a minimum fee pick up.


A small junk pick up would consist of 5-10 hefty (13 gallon) garbage bags filled. The weight does matter, such that bags filled with dirt would not qualify for a small load. Filled with normal household junk would qualify. Other items that alone would make up a small load are as follows (two of the items below would fall under the MEDIUM LOAD pricing):


Single Sofa       Recliner        Full size mattress     Full size boxspring             Large 30"-36" tube TV    Kitchen table   Treadmill   Lawn mower    Refrigerator Stove    Dishwasher    File cabinet


A medium junk pick up would consist of either 11-20 bags filled with normal household junk or 1-10 medium sized items. A medium sized item would be a medium size desk, a queen sized box spring or mattress, dining room table, a 36" to 48" TV. You should always call for a more accurate estimate.



A large junk pick up consists of either 21-35 bags filled with normal household junk or 1-5 large items. A large item is a king sized mattress, a sofa bed, a dining room table, a large console T.V., a large file cabinet, a riding tractor. Please call to get a more accurate estimate.



junk pick up Owings Mills

junk pick up Cockeysville

junk pick up Baltimore

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